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Fantasy CD 1 PRO Turntable


Legend sound CD1 PRO turntable

The CD turntable is entirely made by aluminum alloy and cathode wire finishing processing. The panel has a very streamlined design, with only power supply, a giant LED display in the centre and four cross-type buttons on the right.

Center-mounted Philips CDM12 aluminum alloy bald head combination and smooth push cover are designed to ensure the movement is vibrated, sealed from the outside world and stable.


CD1 PRO is a simple turntable design with AES/EBU, Coaxial and Optical digital output. Norway made  “Noratel” audio transformer are used on the power circuit. Each group of circuits supplies stable power independently to reduce interference to the lowest possibility. The circuit contains NBT (Narrow bandwidth technology), lono (low noise technology), Lmin , lostray, UST (ultra shielding technology), etc.


It also uses 6 UK NOVER audio grade capacitor 30v 10000 µF to ensure full power on the pick-up optical head, servo line, and digital line, providing a precision CD disc drive with a fine and delicate sound, and dynamic balance. It is equipped with a separate independent DAC, indeed a perfect match!

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