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CD4 (3)
CD (2)
CD DAC (2)

Fantasy CD 4 CD Drive + DAC

Fantasy CD drive plus DAC is a combination of a separate set.


The combination of CD4, CD drive, split type turntable can avoid the effect of the leakage of the high-frequency digital signal and improve the quietness level.


CD4 using Philips CDM pick up mechanism, CD4 drive with Digital (SPDIF) Coaxial, AES/ EBU digital balance and Optical digital (Toslink) output.


Fantasy DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) use the decoding chip from CIRRUS (US), the accuracy of the decoder can reach to 24Bit/192kHz.

CD4 turntable with the Fantasy DAC is combined by AES/EBU and XLR balance method. This method can increase by about 20% of the sound effects and maximize its impact. Along with the enjoyment of energetic punch.

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