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Fantasy Mono Power Amplifier

Mono Amplifier circuit, the RMS Power output of the amplifier, reached 400W (8 Ώ), which can quickly push forward most of the low-sensitive speakers.


For the power supply, a circuit tailor-made Audio grade “Noratel” EI transformer is used.

Eight “NOVER” (UK)’s 18,000µf (electrolytic capacitors), a total capacity of 144,000µf are used for the mains filter. That’s why the low internal impedance and huge dynamic of the power supply has an excellent performance.


Each channel with 6pcs Toshiba matches pair Power transistor, powered by 130V of DC positive and negative voltage.


Fantasy mono amplifier creates a harmonious environment and tranquillized listener.

Technical Specification

Output power: RMS continuous power 200W(8 ohm),dynamic power 600W,

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