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Fantasy Pre Amplifier

“NORATEL” s transformer is used for power supply, and the mains filter used seven of “NOVER” (UK) 's 35V10000µF audio grade capacitor, which brings a more gentle and generous sound for users.


The sound quality becomes more delicate and warmer and provides better cohesion of sound.


Transistor radio performs better in analysis and responding speed. However, Fantasy Pre-amplifier can bring comprehensive music at the same time.

Input impedance:22kΏ

output impedance: 50Ώ/100Ώ

Gain: 12dB

Snr: 115dB

Maximun output voltage : 11V

Frequency Response: 10HZ--100KHZ

Power consumption: 39W

Dimensions(W*L*H): 490*360*110 (mm)

Weight: 14kg

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